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The Federation of Thomas Wall Nursery

& Robin Hood Infants’ School

Happy School, Confident Learners

Our School Values

  • Positive Relationships
  • Resilience
  • Risk Taker
  • Curiosity
  • Love of Learning
  • Communicator

School Fund and Fundraising

What is the School Fund?

The Federation School Fund is used to advance and enhance the education provided by the schools. It provides additional resources, materials and equipment and finances extra-curricular activities which cannot be completely financed from public funds allocated to the school.


Income to the fund is obtained from fund raising and voluntary contributions and donations. We also use the fund to collect donations for external charities that are then passed on to the charities. Any money remaining in the fund is kept in the fund for projects that will directly benefit all children.


What does school fund pay for?

The School Fund exists to improve the facilities of the Federation and to enrich the experiences of the pupils in general.  It is impossible to list everything that is supported by the School Fund, but here are a few examples: library books, library furnishings, play equipment, cooking ingredients, extra specialist equipment including sensory resources and exciting projects for individuals or groups of children.


What is the main focus for this year?

As school funding tightens further we are going to become more dependent on the school fund, with extra fundraising initiatives involving parental help, community and local business support and grants.  The children, staff and governors at our school are continually looking at ways to develop and improve the school and we have a rolling programme of projects to continue the development of our school and enhance learning even further.


The School Fund itself is now much reduced from its previous level and through fund raising initiatives and parental donations we intend to use it to support the education provided by the school.

Specific ventures include:

  • Continuing to build on resources for play times and school events

  • Further developing the outside environment to enhance our outdoor classroom experiences across both schools

  • Improving our sound equipment to enhance our performances and assemblies

  • Maintaining every child’s access to learning


How can I make a contribution?

The contributions are entirely voluntary, but we hope that you will make an annual donation so that all children in the school will benefit.


For the Academic Year 2023/2024 we would be hugely grateful if you would make a donation of £10.00 per child.


This payment can be made by cash donation or by contacting the school office for bank transfer details.


Please note that the names of contributing families and the amounts of individual contributions are kept completely confidential and be assured that whether a parent contributes or not will in no way affect the way any child is treated at our school. The choice is yours, but with your help we can continue to provide an even richer education for every child.


How else can I help?

In addition to financial support, we welcome parents, relatives and carers who are able to donate their time to help.  The school relies upon the wider school community to help with school trips, listening to readers and supporting the school to expand the range of school fund raising events.


If you are able to volunteer your time, please contact the school office or email with your availability and watch out for requests for help in the school newsletters.

The Friends of the Federation is designed to be a group of parents and carers who put on events to generate funds for Thomas Wall Nursery and Robin Hood Infants School.


All funds raised from each event go straight back into the school to help the children in their learning. Some of the events have been Spooky discos, Summer and Christmas fairs, movie nights, quiz nights and raffles. 


So why not get involved? Not only is it a great way to raise money for the children but it's a fun and social way to meet other parents.


We appreciate everybody is very busy these days with lots of commitments - work, school, other activities on top of parenting in general - but we would appreciate any help at these events.


If we do not have enough volunteers, the events can't take place or run at maximum capacity, therefore limiting the potential for fund raising and child enjoyment.