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Important Information

Up coming dates 

Friday 22nd November - Dressing up day (Mr Men, Little Miss or Topsy Turvy)


Thursday 28th November - Reception Christmas craft workshop 1.30pm - Please see your child's teacher to sign up to come and help. 


Friday 29th November - Reception Christmas craft workshop 9.00am - Please see your child's teacher to sign up to come in and help. 


Thursday 12th December 1.45pm - Reception Christmas show


Friday 13th December 9.30am - Reception Christmas show. 


Tuesday 17th December - Party day - Wear your party clothes to school. You may be asked to provide some party food nearer the time. 

The children are continuing to learn all about themselves through their All About Me topic. 

This week they have been exploring the different Mr Men and Little Miss characters and creating their own character. 

What name would you give yourself? 




Don't forget on Friday it is Topsy Turvy day. You could come dressed as your own Mr Men or Little Miss character or dress Topsy Turvy. You could wear your clothes inside out or back to front; you could wear your pajamas to school instead of to bed. 

It will definitely be a fun day with lots of topsy turvy activities. 






Phonics workshops

Your child's class are currently holding phonics workshops. These are very important as they will inform you how your child is being taught phonics in school and how you can support them at home. 

If you are not able to attend please see your child's teacher. 

In Maths the children have been learning about 1 more and 1 less. They have been using objects to add 1 more to the bus and take 1 person off the bus, to find out how many are left. 


You could reinforce this at home in lots of fun and exciting ways, eg. if there are 5 apples and we eat 1 how many are left? Maybe they can help you with shopping. You put 1 tin of beans in the trolley but need 1 more. How many tins of beans do you have? 



Remember to check the calendar for upcoming events and important dates!



Please could you send in your child's PE clothes as they will soon start to get changed for PE.

Ensure all of their clothes are named. Also please name the bag clearly.

E-Safety and Computing.

As part of computing we will be talking about being safe and kind online. We will be sharing a story with the children which you might enjoy sharing at home with your child.