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Welcome to Reception

Above are our topic leaflets.  They contain information for you about our topics and some of the learning that will take place. You will have also received a home learning sheet with  information about how you can support your child at home. Thank you if you have returned these sheets. There is still time. You can send them back after the holidays so we can add them to your child's Learning Journey. 



 Our topic this term is Stunning Stories. Have a look at our topic leaflet to discover which stories we will be focusing on. This is a great opportunity to help develop children's language, communication and listening skills, as well as their love of books.


We will be starting with the book Stick Man. 



Class Dojo


Well done if you have already signed up to our Class Dojo. If you haven't please do so as soon as possible so you do not miss out on important information. We may post messages, videos or photos of what has been happening in the class. 

If you do message us via the Dojo we do read your message. Thank you. Unfortunately we cannot reply to you via the Dojo. If your message requires a reply we will either phone you or reply in your child's red book. 



E-Safety and Computing.

As part of computing we will be talking about being safe and kind online. We will be sharing a story with the children which you might enjoy sharing at home with your child.