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The Federation of Thomas Wall Nursery

& Robin Hood Infants’ School

Happy School, Confident Learners

Our School Values

  • Positive Relationships
  • Resilience
  • Risk Taker
  • Curiosity
  • Love of Learning
  • Communicator

Relationships and Behaviour

At the Federation, we are very proud of our children's behaviour and the positive relationships we strive to develop. We work together to build positive relationships in order to create a safe and happy learning environment in which we can nurture  and show kindness for one another.  We always praise good choices whenever we see it.


Our children know that we have three rules or needs, which are designed for the safety of all and these are recognised and respected by all children and staff.

We firmly believe that a positive relational approach is key so we always talk with the children, explore the feelings of all involved and work out how to repair feelings and always respond with natural consequences for any poor choices.


We use WIBIT to help us structure our conversations and the children are taught how to use it.


The Zones of Regulation

We also use Zones of Regulation to support the children in acknowledging their feelings and learning how to move themselves out of the red or yellow zone. 

We never tolerate bullying and teach the children what bullying is using the acronym  STOP (Several Times On Purpose), we take care to make a clear distinction between unintentional rough play and bullying and that bullying is not usually something that happens just once but is repeated and can be mean words as well as physical actions. All children know that 'play fighting' is not permitted and that superhero play is allowed as long as there is no touching. Any incident is dealt with  quickly and fairly using our Magic Questions that enable a restorative approach to repairing the situation.  Staff work in partnership with parents. If any problems arise, we deal with them promptly and thoroughly, keeping parents fully informed.

Start Telling Other People

Our Magic Questions


1. What happened? (Facts)

2. What were you/others thinking or feeling at the time? (Feelings)

3. Who has been affected by what's happened? (Impact)

4. How have they been affected? (Understanding)

5. What needs to be done to make things right? (Repair)

6. How can we do things differently in the future? (Learning)


A Practical Guide to Positive Behaviour- NSPCC

NSPCC Guide for Positive Parenting

Please refer to our Relationship and Behaviour Policy (including Anti Bullying) on our Policy Page.