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At The Federation of Thomas Wall Nursery and Robin Hood Infants we view assessment as a very important tool for benchmarking the starting point of a child's education and to track progress and attainment. Until recently, children’s progress was assessed using national curriculum levels. The government has now removed ‘level descriptors’ from the National Curriculum and schools are expected to establish their own assessment systems to suit their children and parents.


How are children awarded a grade in the no-levels system?


The Federation of Thomas Wall Nursery and Robin Hood Infants have followed government guidelines and advice and we now use statements that describe pupils’ progress.  These statements provide parents and teachers with information on how they achieve for their age. These include the following criteria:


  • Working at the expected level of attainment for his/her age
  • Working below the expected level of attainment
  • Working above the expected level of attainment


When will children be assessed?


Alongside continuous teacher assessments, there will still be national assessments at regular intervals in English primary education:


  • The EYFS Profile
  • The Phonics Screening Check in Year 1
  • The end-of-Key-Stage test in Year 2 (KS1 SATs)




SATs are national tests that children currently sit twice during their time at primary school – once after the end of Key Stage 1 (Year 2) and again at the end of Key Stage 2 (Year 6). They're actually called End of Key Stage Tests and Assessments, but the acronym SATs (from another, earlier set of tests) has stuck.


Key Stage 1


The Key Stage 1 tests are all teacher-assessed (no external marking but some external moderating) and are meant to be low-key, hardly-know-you're-doing-it kind of affairs. Tests are being administered in Maths, English reading and spelling, punctuation and grammar. There will also be a teacher assessment of your child's standard in writing and science.


Parent Meeting


A meeting will be held for the parents/carers of children in Year 2 during the month of April. The aim of this is to give you more information about the SATS as well as the opportunity to ask any questions.


Information leaflet for parents about Key Stage 1 Assessments (Year 2)


The Department for Education (DfE) have produced a leaflet for parents of pupils at the end of Key Stage 1 to tell them more about Key Stage 1 assessments.


This leaflet will be distributed nationally through social media channels but was recommended that schools might also find it helpful to use in their communications to parents.  We are therefore publishing it on our school website for reference.  Please click on the following link: