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Sports Events

                FUN SPORTS NEWS AT RHI!


     Year One children are really enjoying multi skills with Coach Louis every Wednesday!


     Year Two children have had great fun learning lots of new gymnastic skills with

     Coach Simon every Thursday.

    Coach Simon teaches gym on Thursday afternoons with Y2.




    This term all classes are having fun during dance sessions.


     The Nursery children  are developing their ball skills with Coach Ashley and Coach Roel!


     We look forward to more exciting sports events this term.... watch this space...







  Well we have been busy!  Our Sports day was a great success...                











Year One and Year Two classes have enjoyed brushing up their skills in running, jumping and throwing.... We participated in baton racing, long jump and javelin with Suzy from Sutton Schools Sports....


Javelin and Long jump

                 OUTDOOR AND ADVENTURE
OAA DAY- Reception, Year One and Year Two enjoyed Outdoor and Adventure Day.  Year One and Two had a go at archery and fencing.  Reception participated in team building activities!