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Below you will find quotes from our latest Ofsted reports and links to the Ofsted web site.


Robin Hood Infants' School


"This is a happy school where pupils are encouraged to be confident and creative learners.  Pupils build positive relationships with each other and adults alike.  Leaders make safety a priority.  They understand the needs of the community and as a result pupils are safe and well looked after."


"Kindness is the bedrock of school life."


"The 'People Powers' set out what is expected of all.  Pupils are encouraged to be strong communicators and resilient to challenge whilst aiming high and making memories that last."


"Pupils know what is expected of behaviour and conduct.  They rise to the expectations and use assertive strategies to solve any problems that may arise with their peers."

Ofsted Report - March 2022 


Thomas Wall Nursery


The nursery provides an excellent start to children’s education and equips them superbly to benefit from the next stage of their education.


  • Every child is highly valued and known very well by staff and there are very high-quality relationships at all levels. Children say that they really enjoy coming to the nursery and those with complex communication needs demonstrate this through their enthusiasm for all that they do.
  • Children’s achievement is outstanding. They make rapid and sustained progress especially in developing early reading skills. They can identify the first sound in words and the most able are beginning to read.
  • Provision within the specialist resource unit is also excellent. Children with complex communication and social difficulties make rapid progress because their learning needs are assessed accurately.
  • Teaching is outstanding. Teachers and all adults are very knowledgeable about the Early Years Foundation Stage and use this expertise to ensure that activities are planned that will excite children so that they make excellent progress.
  • Children’s behaviour is exemplary. They play exceptionally well together, talking to each other about what they are doing and using equipment safely.
  • The senior leaders and governors have well-shared ambition and drive to maintain the high standards and continually improve the school. Plans for development are based on accurate knowledge of the strengths of the school and clear targets for further growth. They are clear, for example, that they can further extend the children’s development through even better use of imaginative resources.
  • Leaders and managers check the quality of teaching very thoroughly. Targets set for teachers have enabled the high standards to be maintained and developed even further.
  • Governors ask probing questions of the school’s leaders to ensure they understand how well the children are progressing. They make the right strategic decisions which continue to ensure that high standards, which contribute strongly to the federation, are maintained.
  • Parents and carers are very supportive of the school and all it does. They say that their children ‘can’t wait to come’ and that the ‘staff are fantastic’. 
  • Ofsted Report - 6th June 2013 


  • There is a great sense of fun across the provision. Children and staff enjoy being at school. The learning environment never ceases to invite or engage children because it is of the very highest quality to ensure that children benefit from an outstanding education during their time at the school.

    Ofsted Report - 5th February 2007

Interim Assessment Statement 2011