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Friends of the Federation

Friends of the Federation

A big thank you to Sam and Kara for all of the wonderful work they have done to lead a great band of volunteers and raise funds for the school.  Just some of the things we have been able to purchase are more reading books and ipads.

Unfortunately, Sam and Kara are no longer able to chair the Friends committee and so we need a parent or parents to take on this important role for us. 

In these days of reduced budgets, it is more important to us than ever that we fund raise.  If you are able to chair the Friend’s committee or would like to volunteer to help with fund raising activities, please please contact Mrs Allen via the school office for more information.

Friends of the Federation News

The Friends of the Federation is a group of parents and carers who put on events to generate funds for Thomas Wall Nursery and Robin Hood Infants School.


All funds raised from each event go straight back into the school to help the children in their learning.


Our fortnightly meetings (9 am on Friday mornings in the Infants staffroom) are relaxed and friendly. We discuss how we can raise funds for the children through our annual events (such as the Christmas and Summer Fairs) and how we can put these plans into actions.


So why not get involved? Not only is it a great way to raise money for the children but it's a fun and social way to meet other parents.


We appreciate everybody is very busy these days with lots of commitments - work, school, other activities on top of parenting in general - but we would appreciate any help at these events.


If we do not have enough volunteers, the events can't take place or run at maximum capacity, therefore limiting the potential for fund raising and child enjoyment.


If you are able to join us for the meetings it would be great to see you. Pre school children are also welcome.


To keep up to date with what we are up to, please email and you will be added to our mailing list.