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Children are admitted into the Nursery or Reception classes in September in accordance with the Admissions Policy of the London Borough of Sutton.


Our published numbers are 90 for Robin Hood Infant School and 104 for Thomas Wall Nursery.  The children are placed in unstreamed, mixed classes of 30 in the infants and either a morning or afternoon class of 26 in the nursery.


Applications may be made online for Nursery and Reception places at where comprehensive information about the admission process is available.  Mid-Term Application forms may be downloaded from the website.


Our Assessment Base, Dragonflies Class, has 16 places for children with social communication difficulties, including Autism Spectrum Disorder. To be considered for a place in Dragonflies, children must be referred by a health or education professional, e.g. Salt, Portage.  All children referred are discussed at a meeting of the Pre Com Panel.  It is the responsibility of the Pre Com Panel to make the decision regarding the allocation of places.